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After Service

After Sale Service-For end users

Product warranty terms
In order to let our consumers satisfied with our products, our company will strictly obey the  related laws and regulations issued by the government.  

(1). Consulting Services: Users in use process have any problems, all can call advisory service hotline at 4007-881-899

(2)Warranty service: during the warranty period, if the products appear quality problem, consumers can bring fault product an warranty card to your purchase location to enjoy the corresponding warranty service.

maintenance service:   Products of Maintenance period, if appear quality problems, the user can go to the local after-sales maintenance service center or  the dealer asking for maintenance requirements.

(4)Since the purchasing date, under normal use if products appear quality problems, the whole machine replacement within 7 days, free maintenance within one year, maintenance fee for three years.

2.   Pls note: for the following conditions we do not provide after-sales service

(1) Accidental factors or man-made damage of product.

(2)Consumers can't provide this product warranty card and original effective shopping invoice or receipt, the product has no warranty label or serial number, or the serial number on the warranty card is not consistent with the product.

(3)Products are beyond the warranty period

(4)Product quality problems do not include user subjective objection of timbre, tone

(5)For being discontinued models product service, the company only do functional repair (appearance may have different as the original ones)