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A: Please ensure the formats of the music files are correct or the music file is missing.
B: The micro card has been used for such a long time, and the track inside the card is damaged. Please try again after formatting
C: Cards may not be compatible, such as encryption cards. Please change another one and test again.


A, Please try to reset the speaker or press and hold the reset button or power key. 
You can find the right position of reset button in the user manual.
B, If there is no action by pressing the reset button, pls check whether the speaker is out of battery. And charge the speaker for half an hour and try again.
C, Please do not charge the speaker via the computer as it is may result in crashing.


A, Please try to operate as the way of crashing.
B, Please check if the speaker is out of battery and charge first ,if it can not be charged, pls check if the battery is damaged and then change another one.
C.Please check whether the power button is damaged. If it is damaged, please return to the factory for repair or ask the store for repairing.


A, The card is loose, please remove and plug again.
B, Please note the speaker can support 32GB micro SD as maximum.
C.The card is damaged, please change another one.
D.If many cards cannot be read, the card slot may be damaged. Please return to the factory for repairing.


A.Please check if the music file have noise or not.
B.There is a problem with the program, just upgrade the firmware.
C,Maybe the speaker unit is damaged, please return to the factory for changing the speaker.


A.Please adjust the volume of the speaker.

A. Restart the speaker and try again or switch to the Bluetooth mode.
B.The mobile phone is not compliable ,please change another phone and search again.
C.The distance between the speaker and mobile phone is out of 10 meters.

A.The program problem ,please upgrade the firmware.
B.The mobile phone system problem and cause the compatibility, please change another phone and try again.