Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker MIFA F10
Bluetooth Speaker
powerful bass
Extended lace vortex speakers
breakthrough vortex modeling design, through pressing the airflow to reflect, strengthen the speaker power,
enhance volume 1 times compared with ordinary speaker; meanwhile use vortex structure ductility,
flexibility increased by 50%, solve the problem of the deformation of the low frequency motion horn,
restore the real sound quality, small speakers cavity, brings powerful bass beyond imagination!
Extended lace vortex speakers
Volume enhanced by 100% Flexibility increased by 50%

stereo sound

Top-level DSP 3 D sound stereo chip, breakthrough
the limitation of the box size, and dynamic adjust Low,
medium and high transmission gain, can perform the
sound incisively and vividly.

Pure and
sweet sound

Class - G double charge pump audio power amplifier,
ALC smart details gain compensation, automatic
voltage adapter adjust, suppress distortion hissing
sound, improve sound quality performance,
create a very comfortable listen experience.



Music always around you

Light, even lighter, adopt top ABS resin materials, light weight,
and have a certain impact resistance; dumb UV craft,
wear-resisting and scratch-resistant when used outdoor
activities, perfectly achieve the balance of the light
weight and durability, keep you get rid of burden when go
mouaineering, hiking and traveling.

including the lithium battery 166g

Big buttons,
easy to use

Simple big buttons design, when used outdoor sports,
without taking it from the backpack, you can easily
implement "blind" manipulation.

Big buttons, easy to use
Designed for outdoor use, fearless of wind and
rain when walking outdoor
IPX6 water resistance
TPU middle frame buttons are sealing processing wholly,
loudspeakers hanging side and diaphragm are adopted special glue processing,
to avoid common glue water dissolve problems; Dust cover with aluminum plate design,
which can effectively prevent the rain from flowing into the speaker.
IP5X dust resistance
Metal speaker protective net cover,
with dense mesh which can prevent dust and other particles from entering into the speaker,
adapts effectively to the outdoor dust weather
More detail experience • Outstanding
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Bluetooth 4.0 more stable date transfer
Bluetooth 4.0
Easy connection and compatible with all of Bluetooth playback devices
Easy connection and compatible with all of Bluetooth playback devices.
High Definition
Hands Free Function
MIFA F10 makes you free talking
Built-in Mic, MIFA F10 makes you free talking
MIFA F10 High Definition Hands Free Function
Super Long time playback
Equipped with 1200 mAh large-capacity lithium battery,
which can realize 6-8 hours long time playback,
meet the demand of your all-weather music.
1200 mAh large-capacity lithium battery
Fashion, perfect style
Modern fashion combined with outdoor fanatics, hale and fashion,
full of line level and dynamic, five kinds of cool colors, showing outdoor characteristics!