MIFA F7 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
MIFA F7 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker

Drop & Wear

Using high intensity aviation grade aluminum, injection of a integrated liquid metal craft,
light weight, precision type; Surface with top coating materials, by using nano negative ion
electrostatic adsorption process, wear-resisting corrosion, comfortable touch feeling,
to withstand rough use of outdoor environment.
The speaker’s middle-frame used TPU raw material raised design, when used at outdoor activities,
it can buffer the direct harm when the speaker drops to the ground by accident.


Not more than 1 mm diameter dense metal mesh, the mesh back is pasted with ultra-thin
and tight net cloth, it can effectively prevent dust and other particles enter in.
Ultra-thin anti-dust mesh cloth
The tight net cloth can effectively prevent dust and other particles enter in


Through special processing of speaker mesh and loudspeaker, can prevent
the accident of passive level of water protection, achieve IPX6 water
resistant, fearless outdoor rain and snow.

Water-resistant Processing

Loudspeakers hanging side, diaphragm, adopts special glue processing,
dust cover surface added aluminum design, which can effectively
prevent the rain from entering into the speaker.

F7 Speaker

Ordinary Speaker

Loudspeakers hanging side and diaphragm, using common glue processing,
easy to dissolve under the influence of water; The dust cover used paper
design, and the rain can easily permeate to the speaker.

Ordinary Speaker


Wild Call
Freedom Cry



Excellent Sound

1.5 inch strong double play unit+ Circular low frequency
passive radiator, Combined with the DSP 3D stereo sound
chips, to forge strong quality, let you enjoy music
anywhere and anytime. !

Super Large area of Circular low frequency passive radiator

1.5 inch double play unit, the power is up to 6W


DSP Sound Processing Chip

Adopt top sound processing DSP, by integrating the Physiological acoustics algorithm,
to compensate for the limitation of hardware, extend the vocal range, dynamic adjust
low tenor;Whether listening to music, playing games or watching movies, it can bring
you unexpected sound quality performance.

NCN Class-G

Double charge pump audio power amplifier

Automatic gain control (ALC) eliminate hissing sound,
Built-in low-pass filter inhibit out-of-band noise,
make a real and perfect sound.


Wild Freedom
Have Fun



Bluetooth 4.0

Wireless technology

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission scheme, fast connection
matching speed, low power consumption and transmission rate is more stable
and stronger anti-jamming, let you enjoy the high quality wireless music
playing weather indoor or outdoor.

 Easy to pair, compatible with all the devices with bluetooth

Use ultra-low bluetooth standby power consumption BLE communication technologies
Note: :Answer the calls via bluetooth

HD Calls

Keep in touch

Built-in microphone, whether in the outdoor , at home, alone or in the
crowd, to be able to realize high-definition voice calls through MIFA F7


All day music playback
Have Fun

Equipped with 1500 mAh large-capacity polymer batteries, safe
environmental protection,intelligent power saving chip control,
to implement six to eight hours long-time music playback,
keeping walking with music all around

Note:The playing time will be different from the song and volume you choose
Simple First
Super simple function button design,easy to use
Multi-function “M” key design: support power on/off,
play pause, answering the call, and the next song, etc


CNC Machine Milling

58 machine tool cutters, 8 steps CNC numerical control machine tool precision
machining,mainly completed first 252 low-frequency radiator hole of 0.8 mm.
The higher machining accuracy of CNC technology, the better the quality of
the whole machine, after each CNC processing step, there will be a round of
"cleaning- deburring - cleaning” processing. To ensure there no residue
interference to the processing step.

Wild Elegant Five Colors