Bluetooth Speaker





    Magic Sound

    MIFA M9 Equipped with drive unit by two sides,2.25 inch dual-magnetic loudspeaker, a highly damped paper cone to make the magic sound.

    How fantastic it is to wrap into music with M9!



DSP 3D Effect

Adopt top sound processing DSP, by integrating the Physiological acoustics algorithm, to compensate for the limitation of hardware,extend the vocal range, dynamic adjust low tenor;Whether listening to music, playing games or watching movies, it can bring you unexpected sound quality performance.




Audio power amplifier


A smart era

Music from Cloud

Music from Cloud, A new way of listening attitude at the Internet Era,
Just enjoy!


3000+Radio Station

Enjoy more than three million hours

Enjoy Music/Radio station/Finance/
Children/Story/ Drama and hundreds of audio
files through Mifa APP.




Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transmission scheme,
fast connection matching speed, low power consumption
and transmission rate is more stable and stronger
anti-jamming, let you enjoy the high quality wireless music
playing weather indoor or outdoor.With Aux-in function.


Wireless card read

Connected with MIFA APP,
M9 can control the music from Micro SD card.

Alarm& Clock




Portable Strap

Easy to carry to everywhere you like.

More detailed features •Extraordinary


Hands-Free calls

Built-in microphone, whether in the outdoor ,
at home, alone or in the crowd, to be able to realize
high-definition voice calls through MIFA M9.


With power bank function

Built in 5200mAh battery,
can enjoy party with music and charge
for mobile phone and other devices.

Fashion style
Colorful and Fresh
Five colors for your option
  • PINK