Embrace the outdoors and ignite the party enthusiasm
From grass parties in the sun to bonfires on the beach at night. WildRock's stunning bass, joyful karaoke pattern,
Coupled with gorgeous lights and strong battery life, along with the rhythmic light effect of music, it continuously releases energy and ignites the enthusiasm of the party.
Party Karaoke New Voice Generation
Singing and dancing, party new sound. From family gatherings in the backyard to passionate dancing outdoors,
the amazing sound brings more joy.Standard high-definition wireless microphone, start to sing, no need to
match. Rich and full sound, high-sensitivity pickup performance, make singing more pleasant.
Powerful sound
Energize the party
The large-volume acoustic cavity is equipped with two 76mm composite
diaphragm NdFeB speakers.With 2 90mm aluminum diaphragm bass
amplifiers.Delivers stunningly powerful sound. The smart sound
quality brought by it is full, shocking and fidelity.
16.8 million colors of Party
lighting ignite the vitality of the party
Inspired by the cute little monster's double pupil design, it adds some cute atmosphere to the tough FunBox.
16.8 million colors of cool lights add a smart vitality. Add a splash of color to the night and instantly make a party sparkly and gorgeous.
Bluetooth 5.0
Helping every happy moment
Fast, stable and highly compatible Bluetooth 5.0,
Make the party easier, free and more fun.
Just connect to mobile phone, tablet, computer via bluetooth to play music,
It's easy to create a warm party.
13 hours* playing time
The singing outside continue all the time
The built-in lithium battery with a total capacity of 9000mAh gives the party more possibilities and freedom.
From the garden to the wild, from the mountains to the sea. From sunrise to sunset, Rock does not stop.
Micro SD card and U disk
Free definition of party playlist
Create your own party playlist. Create exclusive party,
dancing music sound effects,
Every party or event, just switch it on,
Insert the Micro SD card or U disk with the playlist,
Immediately liven up the scene. It's that simple.
Chatting easily
The excellent call performance provides convenience for us to chat with
common relatives and friends when we are in a party.High-definition
microphone, can clearly identify everyone's speech,And the excellent
sound quality can also clearly transmit the other party's voice to everyone.
Wild Jungle Style
Bold, tough, just cool
The rough and tough design reveals the wild nature of the jungle. Unique and cool jungle print,
Amplify this wildness and add more personality to the speaker.
And the exquisite craftsmanship details are like the delicacy of the forest.
Gives more beauty to the speaker.
The bonfire party under the stars, the wind chasing journey in the mountains,
the music echoes the beautiful scenery, and the party is more enjoyable.
Technical parameter
Speakers: 2x76mm full-range speakers
Passive radiator: 90mmx2
Frequency Response: 60Hz~20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: >89dB
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Play function
Support wireless microphone amplification function
Playable formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC,
APE(Micro SD Card/U Disk)
Special function
Dynamic lighting: RGB ambient lighting
Bluetooth calling: support
Product battery
Battery type: Lithium battery (3.7V 4500mAh) x2
Charging time: about 4.5 hours (5V/3A)
Charging port: USB Type-C
Playing time: about 13 hours (depending on volume
and audio content, Dynamic light OFF)
Product specification
Product size:W307mm* H150.5mm* D140mm
                    / W12.08" xH 5.92" x D5.51"
Product N.W:1773g
Packing list
Speaker 1pcs       microphone       user manual
Safety warning     Type-C charging cable
AUX audio cable
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